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Our Story

Captain Americas first opened its doors in 1971 and broke onto the scene as Ireland’s first cookhouse & bar, serving all American classics with a side of Rock n Roll’, introducing Dubliners to the likes of chocolate sundaes, deep-dish apple pie, and of course the famous Captains Burger (priced at a staggering 49p!). This revolutionary menu, combined with blasting rock music, jazzy interiors, and the colourful collection of staff made up of students, actors and musicians, soon made Captain Americas a Dublin institution.

History was made up the stairs at Captain Americas with album launches by the Horselips and Donovan, acoustic sessions from the then unknown Chris de Burgh, and potentially career defining meetings for U2. The walls of Captain Americas are bursting with memorabilia showcasing musical and sporting icons of the last half century. From Muhammad Ali’s boxing glove to signed guitars from Guns n’ Roses, it’s a museum of the great and the good and a must see for any rock and roll fans.

At its core, Captain Americas signifies good times, good people and great food, a recipe that has stood the test of time for 51 years now. Whether it’s a first date, birthday party, pre-panto feed, or just a regular night out with pals, Captain Americas has always been about celebrating those special moments.


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